Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles

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Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles is one of the WMS Star Trek games based on the Adaptive Gaming Technology slot machines that can be played in US casinos.  With these machines, you create a login and then you can play on any Star Trek machine anywhere and it will remember your progress.  The theme is the original TV series – what a Trekkie would refer to as Classic Trek.

This slot is the 3rd instalment in the series and you’ll need to earn medals from the previous two games in the series – Star Trek Red Alert and Star Trek Explore New Worlds – in order to unlock it.

The Win Warp feature works in exactly the same way as in the previous two games with a random trigger of Enterprise Fly-By, Rock Creature Multiplying Wild, Scotty’s Wild Reel or Spock Multiplier.

The bonus round features Tribbles which as anyone who hasn’t had their head under a rock for the last 45 years will know are small furry creatures that reproduce at a ridiculous rate.  It is a pinball game played with Tribbles with monetary awards, multipliers etc and you can also win medals to help you advance to the next game in the series.



Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles

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