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Aliens Free Play

Aliens, released in April 2014, is a 15 line Net Entertainment slot based on the series of films starring Sigourney Weaver.  It is available on both desktop and mobile and is dark and atmospheric, very much as the films are.

Aliens has three levels – Level 1 is the base game and Levels 2 and 3 are bonus rounds (during which you get a first person view from your marine’s helmet cam that will be eerily familiar to anyone who played games such as Quake back in the 90s).

In the base game, the object is to fill the Alien Activity Meter.  Each symbol apart from wilds that appears on a winning line is added to the meter, increasing the multiplier by 1.  These multipliers will be applied during Level 2 as well as on the next spin so the bigger, the better.  In order to fill the 9 spaces of the meter you’ll need several wins in a row and/or on multiple lines with different symbols, as each non winning spin removes the symbol at the left hand end of the meter and moves the remaining symbols along to fill the space.


Don’t change the bet size or number of lines if you have spaces filled on the meter as it will cause it to reset!

When the meter is full, Level 2 starts and in this round, you play a marine trying to clear the area of aliens without running out of ammo.  Essentially, each round of ammo (and you only start with 2) gives you a free spin after which a single sideways reel appears which will give you 0, 1 or 2 extra ammo.  Every spin in this round is an automatic winner, because you start with an overlay across the centre of reels 1-3 corresponding to one of the symbols on the Alien Activity Meter (which has been rearranged to have the symbols running from lowest to highest along with its multiplier.  Progress along all 9 spaces in the meter without running out of ammo and you’ll enter Level 3.


Level 3 consists of 5 free spins, each of two sideways reels.  The first reel determines the size of the grenade and the second the force of the explosion.  The two are multiplied together to give the number of aliens in the hive you kill (out of 60 altogether), and after each spin your marine shoots aliens and the ammo counter decrements by 1. There are 4 progress markers that can be reached in destroying the hive and at the end of the round you’ll receive a payout determined by which one you reached.


Level 2 is triggered frequently during gameplay and always results in wins, but getting big wins from it depends on getting good multipliers during the setup and on progressing a long way along the alien meter, both of which are uncommon.


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